“Subi gave me advice to further understand how my prior experiences and skill set can be used as examples, to illustrate my knowledge and competence in the workforce.  She further helped me  understand how to shape my answers for interview questions and portray myself in a better light.

We also practiced mock interviews, which helped me hone my communication skills become more open minded and quick thinking.

During my meetings with her, she also helped me realize what I should be working towards based on my knowledge, education and interests and what is the correct career path for me.  We also talked about what my goals should be in order to have a  fulfilling and successful career.

I believe that Subi is an effective advisor to anyone wishing to seek out what their goals are and wanting to achieve their best because she will bring that out of you.”

Jorel  Reyes



“Working with Subi has been a life changing experience for me. Being a fresh graduate out of University it was hard to gage what was expected of me to be a successful candidate in the job search process. Subi helped me realise my strengths and development needs.  Through her experience as a hiring manager she helped me showcase my skills and strengths in interviews.

She has an amazing eye/ quality to capture/unleash an individual’s potential and bring out the best in them.   A powerful transformation occurred in my life as I worked with her. She is witty and is an absolute delight to work with. As a result of our interactions I have become a confident and empowered person.

Her guidance and honest feedback has taught me to embrace a new approach to life including in the workplace”.

Dimple Ranawat




“After graduating from an Australian University I started my job search a couple of years ago. Being new to the Australian workforce, I was lost and depressed after sending hundreds of job applications without any success. All I received were rejections letters before I met Subi.

Subi went through my resume had gave me suggestions to make it better. She also trained me in person to face interviews with confidence.  Her guidance and encouragement helped me gain confidence.  This is what is helping me to be successful in my career”.

Muyar Aung