7 Things To Help You Figure Out If Your Boss Is A Leader

Working for the right boss will inspire you to do your best at work. However, finding that great boss is not easy. Very rarely do you get the opportunity to pick out your new boss.
In most cases, bosses move along and others take their place. It is best to figure out early what type of boss you have: are they leaders or just… bossing around? Knowing this will help you engage better with them and help you set realistic expectations towards your work together.

Be careful: it is best to keep this assessment to yourself. Nothing good comes out of talking negatively of your boss.

How do you know if you work for a leader?

1.You feel that your opinions are taken into account

Leaders listen to what you say and encourage your input. They make you feel comfortable and safe to put your ideas forward.

On the other side, whenever your suggestions are turned down, a leader will give you sound reasons for doing it.

2. You feel safe when you make a mistake

If they are a leader, your boss will not negatively criticise you if you make a mistake. You can always have an open discussion with your boss about the lessons you have learnt as a result of making a mistake. Best of all, a leader will praise your work when they see you don’t repeat the same mistake the second time around.

3. You feel that you are constantly learning

A leader sets you goals and projects that help you to grow professionally. You will always receive continuous feedback on your progress when you work with a leader; they might even suggest things you could do to improve.

Leaders respect your choices regarding the areas you wish to develop on. They do not attempt to turn you into a copy of themselves, but rather encourage you to develop your assets in areas you like.

4. You feel the buck stops with your boss

When things go wrong, your boss is usually held accountable. But with a leader, you know there will be no blame game. You work together to fix the issue and learn from it whilst your boss takes the heat from unhappy stakeholders in the organisation.

5. Your boss celebrates your successes

A leader acknowledges your contribution and is happy to celebrate your achievements. You know that you will be fairly represented in talent discussions in the organisation.

6. Your boss is not afraid to say “Sorry”

When a leader makes a mistake, they do not shy away from apologising to those affected by their mistake. They are also comfortable to acknowledge when they are wrong or when they do not know something. They are humble and constantly learning from their mistakes.

7. Your boss is transparent

Your boss is open about the future of the organisation and the decisions that have been made regarding the company. You understand why things are happening the way they do around the company you work for. You may not like what is going on, but you know why it is essential for the organisation.

It is only the lucky few who have a boss that ticks all these boxes and is a true leader. As it is not easy to find that perfect leader, you will have to learn to work with your boss. The best way to be successful is to put your boss in a good light.

You may do this by excelling at things that they are not good at, or by supporting them with timely, accurate and relevant information that makes their jobs easier. The more initiative you take, the more they will trust you with bigger projects. This way, you can advance in your career sooner than you expect.

Now that you know the secret of being a leader, you can start implementing some of the tips mentioned above in your daily routine. This way, you are prepared to take on high responsibility roles later on in your career.

Become the leader you wish your boss were!

Good Luck with your career. If you need help with changing jobs to find that great leader, register with Stridez.

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