5 Things To Build A Successful Career

Everyone aspires to a successful career. Success, they say, comes when opportunity meets preparation.

The level of success achieved by individuals depends on the preparation they put in and the opportunities that they create. In another post is the outline of how you could seek out promotional opportunities.

In today’s article… let’s focus on preparation.

What are the areas that you need to focus your preparation on?

1. Setting Goals

Setting yourself relevant, clear, achievable goals is essential. To do this well you will need to self-reflect. Knowing yourself well, identifying your skills, strengths, values and passions
is the foundation for setting meaningful goals. You will need to be creative and challenge yourself to come up with goals that motivate you and that are achievable.

Tip: Validate your goals with your mentor or a trusted friend/partner. It is always good to get another person’s perspective on what you set out to achieve.

You will need to constantly work on these goals, as growth is an ongoing process. As you gain experience and insight, it is best to change or adapt your goals to your new situation.

For example: You may need to get hands-on experience with the latest data mining tool. The topics discussed below will feed into the goals that you set for yourself. Use the principles discussed in this section to set relevant smart goals for these topics.

2. Adopting new trends

The environment is constantly changing and new trends will emerge in your field. You will need to be up to date with these trends and stay relevant to add value. There is a school
of thought that says you need to change jobs every 3-5 years to ensure you keep growing. But while this advice suits some individuals, others may love what they do. If you belong
to the second category, then it is important that you look for opportunities to refresh your skills and find ways to add value in the changing environment. You can look for projects,
innovative ways to do your job or follow courses/ tutorials to adapt to the new trends.

3. Improving

As you progress through life it is best to build on your strengths. This way you will excel in your job doing the things that come naturally to you. You will also discover hidden
strengths as you progress along your career. Building on strengths is usually easier and more productive than working on your development needs. That said, you will have to
work on development needs that are getting in the way of success in your career.

Tip: One of the best ways to identify both strengths and development needs is to seek out feedback. You can approach trusted colleagues and leaders in the organisation to get this valuable feedback.

4. Networking

The current trend is that more jobs are accessible through networks. It is essential to build strong networks both within your current organisation and outside of it. Strong networks are built when you are of service to others. Thus people remember you and recommend you to others. Nothing works better than independent referrals when it comes to job openings. Networking also gives you an opportunity you surround yourself with smart people. Make an effort to seek out smarter people, as you will grow from this experience.

You can also ask for help from mentors and advisors if you have people in your network who are more experienced than you.

5. Self- Reflection

An individual’s aspirations or definition of career success changes over time. Taking the time to self-reflect on where you are in your career is important. This way you can build on what
you have or change your career direction as your mindset and perspective change.

A successful career is within everyone’s grasp. Like most things in life, you will have to put in an effort to reap the rewards. With the confidence that anything is possible, set out your goals and work hard for them. Good luck with a wonderful career!

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