4 Ways To Get A Promotion

Promotion is a much coveted prize that most of us aspire to in our careers. Like most things in life, you have to pursue promotion relentlessly to achieve it.

The four ways suggested here may seem a bit old fashioned but is a tried and tested strategy with sustained success over the long term.

How do you get promoted?

1. Get ahead by adding value

First and foremost is to do your job well. Ensure that all your stakeholders are delighted with your service and output. Once you have mastered your job, look at ways to do it more efficiently.

Be creative and resourceful in finding ways to do this. Make sure your stakeholders are comfortable with the changes you make. This is particularly important if it affects how they work.

Demonstrating a growth mindset will also win you brownie points. A growth mindset will help you embrace change that occurs in the environment and make you relevant at all times so that you employer will also see as valuable.
Not many jobs are on an island by itself. You will need to work with others to achieve results for your organisation. A good collaborator will be noticed by others and will have a sound reputation. Good collaborative skills are essential when leading teams.

Prioritising the things that will add the most value to the organisation is another factor that will get you noticed by your leaders. Everyone has a “to do” list. Learning early to identify what is important and keeping other stakeholders informed while you prioritise these important issues is critical. This way you will keep your stakeholders happy.

2. Get ahead by making your boss look good

Your boss will be your champion if you make them look good to their superiors. You can make them look good by providing them with superior support. You can also complement them by filling in any gaps they may have in knowledge or skills.

Your boss will be able to do their job well and be viewed favourably by the leaders in the organisation. Do this, and your boss will look out for suitable opportunities for you.

3. Get ahead by performing at the next level

A number of promotions that I have encountered were for people who were already performing their job at a high level. The decision to promote them was simple.

One way of doing this is by demonstrating superior technical skills and great collaborative skills. When coming up with solutions, always operate with the big picture in mind. This way, you will find solutions that can boost the longevity and success of the organisation you work for. Ensure that you demonstrate superior leadership skills when doing your job.

Your superiors will be comfortable that you are a safe bet when you get that promotion.

4. Get ahead by networking

It’s no secret that if you interact with the right people you can learn and grow. Connect with people who are smarter than you. Seek out those leaders who inspire you and learn from them.

Find a mentor and a coach to help you grow. Getting ahead is driven by learning, growth and confidence. You never know who you will connect with when you network. Your next promotion may come from the relationships you build with new people.

As you can see, you have to work hard at improving your value proposition to get that promotion and be successful in your new job. Stay focused on growing and you will be surprised what may come about.

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